Our services

Our services

Local Moving Transport Service

Our Local Transport Service provides easy and convenient moving for individuals, families and businesses. Transport option ranges from 1Ton and 3Ton Lorry.

The basic service only includes driver and lorry. This means you will need to have one or two people to assist in carrying the cargo while the driver will assist only in the loading of cargo to the lorry. Please make sure the delivery address has people to assist the lorry driver in unloading the cargo to destination.
If you require additional man power in carrying your cargo from your house or business premises to the lorry or at unloading point or both, add on charges will be included in the transport bill. This charge is usually on per extra man power. Therefore it is best for you to make a note of all this before giving us a call or emailing us.

Cargo Shipments from Malaysia

Wanting to send something from Malaysia to your home country?
We provide services to export your items by sea and and air.

Below which category you fit into, in order to see what information is required from you.

  • 1. Students sending personal items back to home country
  • 2. Traders wanting to send items already purchased from Malaysia to Overseas

Cargo Import to Malaysia

If your looking to import personal effects to furniture, cars, etc into Malaysia from overseas, we can arrange custom clearance and delivery to your address within Malaysia. Our service charge is a fixed usd150 for any LCL cargo less than 15m3 and usd300 for cargo above 15m3.

Our products

Steel Deformed Bars / Mild Steel Round Bars

Mixed Hardwood Timber

All Purpose Silicone