About us

A little bit about us

We are a professional and reliable supplier for construction materials. Our products are of high quality and our relationship with our clients are based on long term benefits.

We manufacture and export Sawn Timber, Steel Deformed Bars, Mild Steel Round Bars, Malaysian Plywood and Construction Machinery. Other items which we export are on professional outsourcing service to specific clients with specific product requirements.

Drauben is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We expertise in various fields of professional business and trade. Our manufacturing and export is based mainly on construction material but not limited to this industry alone. We take part in various government tenders for products ranging from technology, agriculture & construction products.

Our supplies

Mixed Hardwood Timber

Our sawn timber is manufactured from Malaysia and exported to a wide variety of clients from local and international traders to foreign construction companies that require reliable Malaysian origin export quality sawn timber. We have two methods of export which effects the pricing for the sawn timber. One is the preferred method of container shipment which maintains the top notch quality of our timber, while at the same time the CNF/CFR price increases in comparison to the second shipment method via break bulk which is cheaper for those trying to compete locally in price wise.

All Purpose Silicone

Drauben All Purpose Acetic Silicone is manufactured and exported from Malaysia. We are looking for new reliable distributors overseas who has the capacity to order minimum 1 container every 6 months and after one year increase the number to 1 container every 3 months.